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Welcome to the
Brush Creek USA Mission Center!

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Who Are We? 

We Proclaim Jesus Christ and Promote Communities of Joy, Hope, Love and Peace
We are 25 congregations in the Central and Southern areas of Illinois, that are part of a world-wide community of people who follow Jesus Christ, the living creator and Savior of the World.  We invite everyone to become followers and friends with Jesus -- allowing Him to share and to help guide their journey toward wholeness.

Search for and find a Community of Christ congregation in your area, using our new and improved "Find a Congregation" page.

We're a People being Changed... 

We follow a living Jesus Christ, who spoke to the world in the past, who is active in our daily personal lives, and who continues to call us BEYOND who we are, into a new, unfolding future -- even the kingdom of God on Earth!  Responding to God's creative call requires constant growth for each of us.

And yes! Just as God spoke in ancient times, God continues to speak today to the world...  Click on the links below to read (or listen to) the most recent messages God has shared with the world through the Community of Christ, as recorded in our book of Doctrine and Covenants:

 Section 164: April 11, 2010 Listen:  MP3

Sound recordings courtesy of
Al Banta,
Bloomington IL, 2007, 2010

 Section 163: March 29, 2007    Listen:  MP3
 Section 162: March 29, 2004   Listen:  MP3
 Section 161: April 4, 2000         Listen:  MP3
 Section 160: April 14, 1996  

Visit our Congregations

Visit our LiveStream website for live and recorded videos!

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Visit our International Headquarters site and enjoy the view of our Temple in Independence Missouri, dedicated to the pursuit of peace, reconciliation and healing of the spirit!  See their page about our Basic Beliefs too!  Lots of great info available there.  Feel free to explore!

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  • Click HERE to see a photo of the inside of the Temple Spiral.

  • Click HERE to see a photo of the Temple Organ Pipes, during an Ordination Service for Bishop Fred Keenan, April 2004.

We're involved in the global Christian Community...   
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...and our congregations & ministries can be found in over 60 nations around the world!

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